Areas of Focus

Legal protection of entrepreneurs:

One of the main goals of «OPORA RUSSIA» is to protect the rights and interests of entrepreneurs to prevent illegal actions, raids and pressure against representatives of small businesses. For ten years, the Bureau for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs and Investors has been working under the auspices of «OPORA RUSSIA». The qualified assistance of the Bureau’s lawyers helped thousands of entrepreneurs to achieve a successful outcome in seemingly unsolvable.

Creating a favorable business environment:

For eight years, «OPORA RUSSIA» has been conducting research on «Entrepreneurship Climate in Russia: «OPORA’s INDEX». The study covers about 40 Russian regions and 12 million settlements. It shows what aspects of the business climate in the regions are the most problematic and require immediate response.

Assistance in raising funds and business development:

The SME Venture Fund, launched by Promsvyazbank and «OPORA RUSSIA» in 2013, invests in projects of young entrepreneurs and provides them with an opportunity to take their business to a new level.

The Center for Expertise and Analysis of Entrepreneurship of «OPORA RUSSIA»:

Engaged in operational information, analytical and expert support of “OPORA RUSSIA’s” activities on main issues in such areas as taxes, finance, industrial policy, antimonopoly regulation, bankruptcy, labor relations, agriculture, and many others.

For example, taking an average year, the Center for Expertise analyses more than 300 requests for impact assessment of regulatory legal acts and about 2,000 other requests from government bodies and entrepreneurs, prepares about 800 opinions on draft laws and draft regulatory legal acts, proposals for amending legislation, entrepreneurs' consultations on systemic issues of law enforcement, etc.

The structure of «OPORA RUSSIA» has 65 specialized committees and commissions:

Which are forming the official position of the organisation on sectoral issues and problems of SMEs.

The activities of the committees and commissions are focused on assisting federal lawmakers in the legislative process, practical cooperation with authorities in order to eliminate barriers to the development of small and medium-sized businesses. They also work closely with regional OPORA organisations, opinion leaders and specialist experts.

Stimulating the development of entrepreneurial activity:

«OPORA RUSSIA» actively promotes the popularization of the idea of starting a small business in Russia and seeks to talk about the best practices of doing business. For this purpose, «OPORA RUSSIA» holds the all-Russian competition for entrepreneurs «Business-Success». The co-organizers of the competition are the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, SME Bank, and the event is supported by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

In addition, «OPORA RUSSIA» actively supports the development of youth entrepreneurship, contributing to the formation of a new entrepreneurs oriented towards the introduction and development of innovations and technologies.

Sectoral development

One of the priorities of organization is the consolidation of industry unions, guilds and associations within the framework of the Association NP «OPORA», which is an integral structural part of «OPORA RUSSIA». The Association NP «OPORA» accumulates the positions of industry unions and associations, from its extensive regional networking, presenting a united set of key messages and contact point.

Association of NP «OPORA» is the largest association of industrial unions of small and medium-sized businesses. Currently, the association NP «OPORA» includes 100+ industry and business associations, which are representing more than 60 industries and economic activities.

The Association NP «OPORA» is an expert platform for the development of a unified consolidated position of small and medium-sized businesses in each sectoral context. OPORA presents this position at the Federal level.

Development of international cooperation:

One of the priorities of «OPORA RUSSIA» is the development of international cooperation and the establishment of business contacts between small and medium enterprises with entrepreneurs internationally. «OPORA RUSSIA» works closely with embassies, economic and trade missions of many countries in Moscow.

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